I know we’re getting closer to being real farmers when we throw something together because 1) we have the materials on hand and 2) it works.  Notice the conspicuous lack of aesthetic considerations.  Now marvel at our dog crate as rabbit tractor:

Why yes, those are sticks being used to prop up what would normally be the floor but is now serving as the shade/rain guard.  Will lined the bottom with hardware cloth (aka rabbit wire), to prevent burrowing and escaping bunnies, as well as the roof, to prevent fishing raccoons or curious beagles.   The rabbits seem to be enjoying the fresh grass as appetizer to their alfalfa pellets.  We move the “tractor” every other day, just like you would a chicken tractor.  We probably need to build a better shelter for heavy rain, but this seems to be working for now.

Speaking of beagles, Tuck has been pretty good about leaving the rabbits alone.  He’s curious as can be, but at most he sniffs them.  I was expecting a full assault against the cage, but I underestimated his laziness.