While I chronicled Barney’s arrival, I never did post a proper picture, so consider this his formal introduction.

As you can see, he looks much more like a wild hog, with his elongated snout, than the girls.  He also has a “humane ring” in his nose to keep him from rooting.  We’re going to remove it, although I must say he does a pretty good jobs tearing up the ground in spite of it.

He’s very friendly, and Scout appears quite taken with him, hanging out by his enclosure all day instead of her usual post on the back porch.  Now that the ladies are located next to him, he makes these odd grunts that Will describes as a Harley Davidson idling, but what must be the pork equivalent of pillow talk.  And now, filed under the category of too much information, is a shot of just how absurdly large his balls are.

I know, right?