Last week it was in the nineties and I took the kids swimming for the last time this year. Last night I plugged in their space heaters so that the little people wouldn’t be awoken by the 39 degree low, as little people have a hard time properly employing a blanket. Fall is very much in the air.

To ring in season, Will invited Mark of l’etoile to join him and Ben for an apple pressing day. Mark was kind enough to pick up the bushels from Henley’s Orchard, right down the road from his house.







We keep the crock in the downstairs fridge filled with fresh cider, while the carboys are topped with airlocks and set aside until yeast (sometimes natural, sometimes added) magically creates hard cider.

This trio has already pressed cider twice this September, and I anticipate this will become a biweekly occurrence. Hurray for Fall!