This time of year, the few fresh vegetables available are largely of the green variety.  We have arugula and cabbage in the garden, still in harvest-able states, and the Brussels sprouts may be making an eleventh hour attempt at growing large enough to eat.  We also have some spinach, but that was really planted with spring picking in mind.  Most gardeners can also boast of kale and collards this time of year, but we grew and froze so many this spring, we didn’t bother to plant more this fall.  Okay, so the few we did plant washed away in a rainstorm, but we are not hurting for greens at the moment.

The arugula is easy.  Go outside, snip a basketful, wash, spin and serve.  A friend turned me on to putting fresh arugula on top of pizza.  Her version is often a blue cheese and garlic white pizza, so the spice of the greens and their fresh crunch cut the rich, pungent pizza.  My lazy version is throwing a handful onto plain jane tomato sauce and cheese pizza as a means of eating a salad without any additional dishes.  Delicious none the less. 

The cabbage?  While I know there are a millions of things to do with it, I haven’t actually done any.  On recommendation of another friend, I bought a perfect pickler, so at some point I will make sauerkraut, but my guess is that “some point” is best interpreted as after new years. 

In the meanwhile, we are working our way through the frozen greens.  As I mentioned, I’ve been on a pizza making kick (nothing like handing a three year old a small ball of dough and telling him to make his own pizza as a way of killing time on a Sunday afternoon), but the recipe I follow makes enough dough for three pies.  Which I would eat in one sitting if I baked them all.  Instead, I’ve taken to using the left over dough to make a stromboli of sorts.  

Whenever I can get my kid to devour things like collard greens or black eyed pea salad, I feel like I’m doing something right.  Unlike when I let him watch two straight hours of Phineas and Ferb because it’s just easier some days, and maybe I kinda really like that show, too.