It’s been a while is a bit of an understatement, but so is my excuse… We’ve been busy. The Whiskey Jar has been an absolute success, but that dilemma of plenty left Will with little time for anything else, sleep included, so the farm went on the back burner this season. I spent the year working part time, but keeping the boy occupied after school meant I got back home around the same time I did when working full time, so no extra capacity was available on my part. Also, I was pregnant, and it totally kicked my ass the second time around.

But the farm shall be neglected no more! The week of Thanksgiving marked two major arrivals here on Red Row Farm. Our good friend Ben moved into the house on the property at the end of our driveway and will be running the farm full time. We’ve been awaiting Ben’s arrival since he decided to move back to Virginia after spending time on his parent’s farm in Idaho for the past year. You’d think he was the second coming the way Will and I would gaze forlornly at the unkept chicken coop or the gardens laying fallow, starting every sentence with “when Ben comes…”  Beyond the amazing things I know he’ll do with the farm (I’ll post a better Ben intro soon), it’s just nice to have a neighbor we are so fond of.

Also, our daughter Marie Ruth was born the day before Thanksgiving (I told you we’ve been busy), and I am now officially a full time stay at home mom. I have delusions of helping Ben weed  the not yet planted strawberry patch, babe strapped to me in the Ergo carrier. For now, I’m content to sit in front of the wood burning stove and dream about everything 2013 has in store.

I’ll post updates on everything that was 2012 over the next few weeks, as well as talk about some of our plans for the coming year. The highlights include getting our first ham back from Kite’s, a successful lambing season, and my involvement in By Hand Magazine. The low points range from the destruction wrought by the derecho, the death of Barney the boar, and the disappearance of both New Dog and Delilah. It was by no means the year of the farm, but that we managed to get to the other side of new restaurant and new baby and we haven’t moved back to town yet feels like enough of a victory for me.

In the meanwhile, Ben set up a Facebook page for the farm, so feel free to Like us and you can follow even more of the goings on, especially from Ben’s perspective. Hurray for Ben!