I realize I haven’t been much of a blogger this summer, heck, this year. Part of it is having two kids, part of it is being past that first year of living out here (not everything seems so dramatic anymore), but most of it is that this farm hasn’t been my story this year – it’s Ben’s. Which is why I’m so glad he’s documenting it on Facebook, so you still get a glimpse of what goes on down here.

I had this fantasy that staying home meant I’d be more involved with this place, not less. That I’d weed the asparagus bed while Marie napped. It turns out, the baby monitor doesn’t reach even the garden plot. And babies prefer not to nurse from overly sweaty, smelly moms. And most farm chores can’t be immediately abandoned for two+ hours if the girly decides to cut a nap short.

So besides trying to keep the house in some semblance of order, I’ve spent those precious moments where “could wake up any minute” sometimes gifts you 45 bonus minutes to make things. I’ve put up enough jam to get us through the year (and Alston takes a PB&J to school every day) – strawberry, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, peach, I’ve canned them all. But mostly, I’ve been sewing and knitting.

I finally finished Alston’s quilt.





Sure, it took me over a year, but it’s done. I did it. I am irrationally proud of this mishmash of fabric.

I also made a dress for Marie’s baptism in October.




It’s the Family Reunion dress from Oliver + S, and I used Lizzy House’s White Pearl Bracelets for the fabric, so as to be a bit more interesting than just plain white.

And while I was at it, I knit a little cardigan to go with it.



dude, i made that sweater

It’s the In Threes cardigan using Juniper Moon Farm’s Sabine yarn in wisteria. I suspect I’ll be making this pattern a few more times this winter.

The making of things is so very satisfying. But I still miss the garden. So in mid August, while my parents were down visiting for a week, Alston was at camp and Marie was napping, I snuck outside and planted some rhubarb Ben started from seed in the greenhouse. It felt so good to be a part of this farm again, even if it meant fighting off a colony of ants I disturbed while pulling back the burlap weed barrier.


I have no delusions about having more time next season, but the one after that, when Marie is in preschool? I am very much looking forward to being a part of this place again.