Before the farmer babes left, they built us a pretty sweet new chicken tractor.

The chickens had been living in a greenhouse, but the girls wanted to use the greenhouse for it’s intended purpose, meaning we needed to relocate the hens.  Will bought the back half of a pick up truck off a neighbor, and the girls transformed it into quite the respectable poultry condo.

The nice part is that there are flaps on the outside so you can easily retrieve eggs from the nesting box without going in the coop.  And it’s mobile, so we can truly move these birds around, and not just move the electric fencing in quadrants around the greenhouse.  The downside is that the structure is pretty short, so when the chickens decide the lay in the hay in the center and not the nesting boxes, it makes for a pretty messy crawl, even for someone at my whooping 5’2″.  But other than a wish for a slightly higher roof line, it’s a rockin’ addition to the farm.

A few of the chickens still wander around the greenhouse longingly, and we usually find a couple of eggs in the old nesting boxes currently located outside the greenhouse.  But if eggs were votes,11 out of 13 prefer the new coop to the old.

Ok, so this Buff is particularly adamant about her old box, but there has to be a conservative in the mix, right?

Especially when everyone else looks so contented.