Last week Monday, 30 day old Araucana chicks arrived. These are the birds made famous by Martha Stewart, aka the green egg layers. We ordered them specifically for those green eggs, but not just because they are pretty (which they are).

Our first chick order (and subsequent replacement order) in 2010 was a variety pack. While the image of white, speckled, black, red and brown birds running about the pasture certainly added an aesthetic appeal, we realized come 2012 when we prepared to order the next batch of layers, that we would have no way to tell the new flock from the old. So that year we ordered all (or mostly all) Delawares. What we didn’t think about was tracking egg production, as Delawares, like all five of our 2010 varieties, lay brown eggs. Hence the 2013 order being focused on egg color. Next year we’ll have to pick a white laying variety that also doesn’t look like any of our existing flock.

Now time to give the people what they want – pictures of baby animals!








Speaking of baby animals, the quacks have gotten huge! If not for the 31 degree temps the other evening, we’d have separated the Rouens out into a chicken tractor by now. Given today should reach 90 degrees, I expect we’ll make that move before the week is out.