Will processed the last of the polish roosters with the help of our Monday farm hand, Adam.  Three of them went in the freezer, but the other two became coq au vin.

In the process, we discovered that disappointingly small onions make for surprisingly ideal pearl onions.

Let me also take this as an opportunity to say that everyone should own a Le Crueset dutch oven.  You don’t need to buy one new – ours is from Will’s grandma, and they are all over garage sales and eBay.  They are absolutely unbeatable for stews and braises.

A few hours later and Will had outdone himself, which is saying a lot as he was already a blackbelt in coq au vin.  Using rooster (vs. store bought broilers) makes a world of difference.  Yes, I eat better dinners than you do.  And I’m not in the least bit sorry about that.